Write-On  TIPS: from Prime The Pump Publications


Writing is our Creator’s “specialty” and gift to His children.  So, it is not a difficult thing for you to do.  However, it requires some discipline.


Tip: Do not ponder what you could or should write.  Let your random thoughts be your guide.  Did you get a thought while doing your daily devotions or Bible study?  Did your favorite little one utter a cute phrase?  Jot down that phrase, a sentence, or paragraph.


Tip: Forget about correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation when you start.

Just get the thought/phrase/sentence/paragraph on paper or online.


Tip: The most common, everyday ideas have universal appeal.  It is not the best thing to get “deep”, be profound, or “wow” the reader at the beginning.


Tip: Written works do not have to be just books.  Your poems can be collected into an anthology.  Your funny incident from last summer can be developed into a play.  Grandma’s family recipes can fit nicely into a gift cookbook for the rest of the family.  The sky is the limit!


Tip: Check your email everyday to see what your Prime the Pump Team has

for you.  Make sure you get your free gifts.


Tip: Put your writings into electronic form [electronic documents, emails (if

short), flash drives, etc].  That way your team can quickly assess your works and give you immediate feedback.


Tip: Keep going!  Finishing one publication begets another publication.


Tip: There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG to your writing.  Our editing begins with an examination of proper grammar and punctuation.  There is no attempt to alter your thoughts.  This is true freedom of expression.

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More to come from your PTPP Team…  Stay tuned!

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