I Don’t Like To Write

I don’t like to write. One of the greatest gifts given to me was an iPhone with Siri. The ability to communicate without writing  is a great joy and comfort to me. But a few years ago, while recovering from surgery, I was approached by a friend who is also an author. She told me that the key to my recovery would be to write. I told her, “No way!”

This 70-year-old woman looked me in the eye and said, “I was going to write even if she had to travel 30 miles a week just to check on my writing.” and she did and  continues to do so to this very day.  Making matters worse, once I completed her first writing assignment she decided that the work needed to be published. That is how I wrote my first book, “You Can’t Get There From Here: A Gude To A Better Live”

Writing this blog as a means of communicating with all of you who don’t like to write, but somehow there is a story buried inside of you.  I will discuss ups and down on my journey  to become a writer and a publisher, and how I planned to be neither. My hope is to share with you the things that I helped me discover a wonderful truth that has changed my life

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