How you can write your first book

People find it strange that I don’t like to write.  But not only is this true I will go to great extremes to avoid writing. And if it were not for advances in speech recognition software it is probable that you would not be reading this blog.  However, this resistance to writing contradicts a strong belief that I have; Everyone has at least one good book on the inside of them trying to get out.

How could I stay true to my convictions and simultaneously stand by my avoidance to write?  This conflict troubled me for years. I made every excuse imaginable to avoid writing. Everything from, “I don’t have the time,” to “there are so many people writing today I would just be one small voice lost in the crowd,”  as long as there were no mirrors for me to see how I looked saying everything was ok.

One day my hypocrisy was called out by a septuagenarian, a saintly old woman, who was a friend of my late mother.  She, the old woman, systematically destroy every excuse I presented. A retired college professor and author of several books, she treated me like I was two years old. She did not do this in a disrespectful way, but in a way that provoked me to put up or shut up. Now, being backed into a corner, I had to decide the best way to do, what at that time I thought was a Herculean task. The solution turned out to be simple, break the process down into steps, five steps. The first step is… Let me not take anymore you time in this blog. If you click the link,I’ll send you the five steps to writing your first book FREE. Click here

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