Writers, let yourself go…

Dear Authors,


Just some tips and reminders to help your writing experience be the joy it can be:


  • Remember just to write without a thought about correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Those processes came after you have jotted down the important text.
  • Making an outline – short or long – can be very helpful for keeping you on track. The outline is only for you and can take whatever form makes sense to you.
  • Try to write something every day, even if it is only a paragraph, page, or part of a chapter.
  • If you are thinking about including illustrations in your work(s), write a brief description of what it (they) might look like to give our graphic designer an idea of what you have in mind.
  • Consider a pseudonym (fictitious name) if characters in your work(s) are presently alive and could be easily recognized. That name is automatically registered when we publish your work.
  • Read your writings aloud frequently to catch mistakes and test the fluency of the work.
  • Allowing a few people to peruse your writing and give you feedback can be helpful if the persons chosen are competent.
  • If you are quoting another’s writing, make sure you use proper punctuation and notification, citing that author or source accurately.
  • Refer to your Prime the Pump Publications Seminar booklet often to find answers to questions you might have.
  • Make sure any work submitted for review and editing is in digital form (flash drive, PDF, email, etc.) to expedite getting your work established.


More information will be forthcoming in our next communiqué.  Stay tuned!

Dr. Patricia L. Powell, Editor


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