Tools Of The Trade





Good writers keep some vital tools handy when plying their trade.  It is now easier than ever to get aid with punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.


For those that prefer the classic modes a collegiate dictionary (often the older the better) or even the cumbersome unabridged one cannot be beat.  There are online dictionaries in English and other languages.  A printed or electronic thesaurus can get one out of a writer’s block black hole.


Most PC’s and laptop writing programs have computer spelling and grammar checks built in, but unfortunately almost all of them contain errors, especially with homonyms and homophones (there, their, they’re/ to, too, two/its, it’s, etc.)  Check several sources to be sure.


Writing style sheets, frequently used for collegiate writings, give insight into the nuances of technical compositions.  They differ as to punctuation of quotations and reference notations, among other items.  Whatever style you use for your work is not as important as using the same format throughout your writing.


Your writing skills can result in works besides books.  Look around you to see that life is full of many types of writing.  Each type requires an author.  So, consider writing poetic anthologies, brochures and pamphlets, cookbooks, textbooks, play, movie, and show scripts, magazine and newspaper articles, and “how-to” manuals.  Allow your hobby or special interest to become the catalyst for your new avocation.


All you photographers and artists, compile your portfolio into a book with descriptions, inspirational antidotes, and histories about each image.  Albums are as popular as ever.  Compile and design one for your family, friends, or self.  (PTPP2 provides a new service called “Legacy” with this thought in mind.  Stay tuned!)

Get a free Ultimate writer’s tools text  : TOOLS2 to 44222


Literary utilities are an author’s best friend.  Dr. Patricia L. Powell, Editor

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