‘Tis the season and get free grandparent prayer

God has blessed us to arrive at another Christmas season. This year has brought challenges, and opportunities. 2016 has had its highs and lows, but through it all, God remained faithful. The cycle of life caused us to say goodbye to some old friends and loved ones while at the same time delighting us with the birth of new persons to limg_0367ove. This year in America we get to celebrate one of the greatest benefits of liberty as a witnessed smooth transition from one presidential administration to another.  Regardless of whether your candidate won or lost you still have the privilege of being part of a country that has enjoyed over 200 years of smooth governmental transitions, most of us fail to realize just how unique this is in the world. In
America, parents are doing last-minute shopping for those elusive toys while at the same time in Venezuela the socialist regime is confiscating toys from the parents. We truly need to thank God for the blessings of our liberty. America is by no means a perfect country; it’s just better than everywhere else. I know are not supposed to say a thing like that, but I live in one of the few countries that have in its constitution freedom of speech.  I may not have the right to be heard, but I do have the freedom to speak.

As a parent and grandparent, I now live to ensure that the benefits I enjoy are inherited by my grandchildren. My desires for them to live in a world where  they are free to pursue their dreams. I want them to live in a place where saying “Christmas” is not offensive, I want them to be free to worship the God of their grandfather without someone calling it hate speech.  As would any grandparent, I desire the very best for my grandchildren. One of the ways to ensure the future of my grandchildren is to pray for clothing the two greatest Christmas gifts I can give my grandchildren is one, knowledge of the Christ of Christmas, and two, pray for them. If you are a grandparent, prayer invokes supernatural intervention into the lives of my grandchildren and can accomplish what no form of political activism can achieve. Prayer is a secret weapon for ensuring my grandchildren’s future. While I desire to bless them with games, toys, and nt or grandparent I would like to give you a free copy of a prayer That I pray over my grandchildren.  Click here

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